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A Date with Carmen Part 1 is the 12th episode from Season 1 of Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?


In this two part episode, Carmen announces she's going to do what no thief has ever done before... steal something that doesn't exist! Soon our heroes are off on a wild chase through time, as Carmen pilfers a series of famous and infamous historical objects from their original owners!


In Arctic Russia, night has settled on a military base. It detects break ins in multiple sectors of the base. It is Carmen Sandiego, and she used decoys to distract the guards while she steals something form a safe. She then leaves via an airplane.

In San Francisco, this is detected on CrimeNet. Zack and Ivy use the C5 corridor to the Museum of Fine Arts located in Boston Massachusetts. There, they witness Sara Bellum and Fortune Hunter use a gadget to steal an item related to the American Revolutionary War. It has to do with Boston. Giving chase, they knock down Fortune Hunter and chase Sara Bellum on a flying object, where they force land on the nets of Fenway Stadium. Police come and arrest Dr Bellum while Zack and Ivy analyze the contents of the Russian documents stolen the night prior. Then, they determine items, refer to time travel in Boston and of Paul Revere's ride. Chief then gives them a device called the Chronoskimmer, a piece of technology that Chief was not allowed tell them before because it was considered top secret.

Using the C5 technology, they travel back to 1775 in Boston. There they are chased by Redcoat soldiers loyal to Britain. Both hide in an alleyway and encounter Paul Revere, who drops his items when they bump into him. He reveals he was called a traitor by some neighbors because he failed his midnight ride to warn the colonists. He drops his items at the sight of a clue suddenly appearing has he thinks they are witches and don't want to be punished. The clue read “Find the missing link or never get off the ground”. They use the golf ball and tee to realize it refers to the Boston Tea Party.

Using the Chronoskimmer, they go back again to December 16, 1773, in the same town. They go to Boston Harbor and enter a building to witness Samuel Adams and Paul Revere encouraging a crowd to enter the harbor and attack and dump the tea. As they enter the harbor to board the ship, they see Pearl surface and climb up to the ship, with villains and Carmen. They steal the ship and Carmen leaves with the 3 ships and saying Sayanara, the Japanese word for bye. The next day, they put their info together, as the realize the henchmen were wearing Dutch clothing. They realize they will pose as traders in Japan; both head over there.

In Nagasaki harbor, Zack and Ivy board a ship and find a book related to Benjamin Franklin and his electricity. They go to 1752 outside Philadelphia and see his Bejamin Franklin sailing a kite and use electricity in his famous experiment. AS they talk to chief, Carmen steals the key hanging around Franklin's neck, causing him to go haywire. Zack tells player that the theft has caused modern technology as hey know it has collapsed and that Carmen needs to be caught and everything restored to normal or they will be stuck in the 18th century.

The scene ends with Carmen's logo appearing and the words “To be continued”.


  • San Francisco
  • Boston – modern day
  • Boston 1775
  • Boston 1773
  • Nagasaki harbor 1773
  • Philadelphia 1752


  • Paul Revere
  • Golf ball and a tee with note saying “find the missing link or never get off the ground
    • This translates to Tea and Boston Tea party
  • Japanese word for Goodbye
  • Dutch clothing on henchmen
  • Almanac written by Benjamin Franklin
    • page opened to electricity


Educational questions[]

  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote a poem that beings, “listen my children and you shall hear ___” Can you finish the line?
    • The finish line is “Of the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere.”
  • Why did the American Colonists dump shipments of English tea into the Boston Harbor?
    • The Boston Tea Party was a Protest against Unfair Taxation by the King of England





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