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Carmen Sandiego: ACME's Most Wanted is a board game based on the Carmen Sandiego Netflix series.


Based on the new animated series from Netflix® , race around the world to deduce the Loot stolen, the Location it was stolen from, and the VILE. Henchman who did it! Features incredible artwork from the show. Learn about Locations and Loot while you save the day!

  • Play as Carmen Sandiego as you travel to exotic locations on the hunt for the lost loot.
  • From Italy to Australia, to the coasts of San Francisco, you will need to examine the cards from your fellow players to deduce the who, what, and where of this criminal affair!
  • Think you know who stole the loot and where? Hustle over to the Isle of VILE. to announce your suspicion and stop the bad guy in his tracks!
  • Based on the incredible new animated series from Netflix, Carmen Sandiego: ACME's Most Wanted is the mystery solving game you've been waiting for.
  • For 2-4 players, ages 7 and up.[1]


Game contents[]

  • 1 World Game Board
  • 4 Carmen Movers
  • 4 Carmen Mover Stands
  • 1 Die
  • 9 Location Cards
  • 6 Loot Cards
  • 6 V.I.L.E. Villain Cards
  • 1 Envelope
  • 4 Carmen Passports
  • 4 Wipe-Off Markers
  • 1 Isle of V.I.L.E. Token
  • Complete Instructions[2]


The game has 4.3 stars out of 12 reviews on[3]


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