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This article is about the detective organization from the 2019 animated series. You may be looking for another A.C.M.E. like ACME Detective Agency.

A.C.M.E. or Agency to Classify and Monitor Evildoers, is a shadow detective agency seeking Carmen Sandiego as they believe that she is the key to exposing V.I.L.E. They eventually began working with Carmen after discovering that the latter was not of V.I.L.E as they initially believed her to be.


A.C.M.E. is a detective agency that like V.I.L.E. exists only in the shadows. They use their CrimeNet technology in the pursuit to find criminals, many of whom may be linked to more than just thefts but the manipulation of financial markets to poisoning food staples.

A.C.M.E. is lead by The Chief, who has recruited Interpol agents Chase Devineaux and Julia Argent to find Carmen Sandiego and to prove that V.I.L.E. exists. Up until close to the end of the fourth season, The Chief and her agents were keen on exposing V.I.L.E to the world but after Carmen became a known name to the organisation, The Chief then made a second objective to arrest Carmen under the belief she was helping V.I.L.E since Carmen was seemingly "stealing" items despite returning them to the locations they were originally stolen from. Once A.C.M.E discovered that Carmen was in fact good, they banded together in order to arrest the V.I.L.E agents that were still on the run.

When Carmen had been brainwashed, it had only fuelled The Chief's original idea that Carmen was evil further until Julia found out that Carmen's actions weren't being done willingly.







On missions, the assigned agents are given guns that when fired release a sleeping gas or a toxin that makes the person it's used on lose conscience and fall asleep, despite being able to cause anyone to sleep, agents don't seem to have something to protect themselves since it has been shown that they can fall victim to their gear.

Agents are also equipped with a pen which when activated allows them to report back to their boss. It can seemingly be activated by anyone even non-A.C.M.E agents such as when Carmen herself activated Julia's pen to contact The Chief since she had been hit with the sleeping gas and was sent down into the snow where she was then at risk of becoming ill due to the harsh weather she was dealing with, it also doubles as a writing pen, given that The Chief referred to Julia by name it can be assumed that the former knows which agent will be contacting her before answering.

Other equipment and items[]

A.C.M.E also has a helmet that when placed on the intended person makes them recall memories, It has only been shown to have been used on Gray who had the time was a former V.I.L.E agent who suffered amnesia due to having memories of his former organisation erased however the machine backfired and caused Gray to become a V.I.L.E agent once again, it was also used on Carmen when they try to get Carmen back, but then it had little effect, making Carmen think that Gray sold her out.

Typically, agents are in their formal suits however for missions in cold areas such as Zari and Julia's (As well as other agents) attempt at tracking Carmen in Stockholm, they are given coats to combat the cold, snowy weather.


One theory made by fans was that:[]

ACME will take a more shadier tone.[]

Since Carmen is the hero this time around perhaps ACME will be portrayed as shadier and possibly even Ambiguously Evil this time around. Some preview images which have been released do show Carmen hiding for a pair of Men In Black looking people, so perhaps those are ACME detectives and ACME as a whole will be taking on a shadier Men In Black theme this time around.

  • ACME does like its secrets this time around, calling itself "even more secret than VILE", though much like Control vs KAOS, they seem to be especially interested in taking on their secretive counterpart, so there could be a He Who Fights Monsters down the line.


  • At the end of the series, A.C.M.E. always assigns four agents. Due to Carmen and V.I.L.E. always eluding duos.
  • Zack and Ivy joining A.C.M.E at the end of season four, is a reference to their original counterparts being detectives for that agency
  • A.C.M.E existed in the original 90s animated show however It was lead by a male Chief however the current version of Chief seems to resemble her live action version from the TV show games

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