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The 900s is the 10th century. It is the fifth century of the medieval period. During this time, Vikings were attacking France. However, King Charles the Simple all but halted Viking invasions by giving the land of Normandy, already familiar with Vikings, to the Viking chieftain Rollo, whose descendants, along with those of his warriors, became known as the Normans.

Towards the end of the century, the Vikings settled in Greenland, and then became the first Europeans to set foot on the New World.

Known Events[]

  • Arab trade across the Sahara Desert results in the spread of Islam from North Africa.[1]

Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?[]

In Episode 57, the Time Pilots find Millennia in the midst of a heat wave, which she says is reminiscent of the Sahara Desert in the 800s and 900s. During this time, Arab traders brought goods such as gold, salt, and ivory across the Sahara Desert and spread the religion of Islam to North and West Africa.