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1986 is a year in the 20th century. It is the seventh year in the decade of the 1980s.

Known Events[]

  • Chernobyl nuclear disaster[1]
  • Robots on auto assembly lines malfunction.[2]
  • The Statue of Liberty turns 100.[3][4]
  • Ferdinand Marcos flees the Philippines, and his political opponents see his wife's immense number of shoes as evidence of his corruption.[5]
  • Genetically engineered corn is first patented.[6]
  • The Beastie Boys release the song "Fight for Your Right to Party."[7]

Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?[]

In Episode 56, Omnicia discusses Ferdinand Marcos' fall from power, and his wife Imelda's numerous pairs of shoes. Her clues lead the Time Pilots to the Philippines in 1986.