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1981 is a year in the 20th century. It is the second year in the decade of the 1980s.

Known Events[]

  • Polyester, the first movie in Odorama, is released.[1]
  • The U.S. first recognizes AIDS.[2]
  • The FDA approves aspartame.[3]
  • Cats opens in London.[4]
  • President Ronald Reagan cuts income taxes by 25%.[5]
  • Ozzy Osborne releases Diary of a Madman album.[6]
  • Bob Marley dies.[7]

Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?[]

In Episode 38, the Time Pilots see Elephant Guy running through the year 1981, when the FDA approves aspartame as a sugar substitute. One of the brands for aspartame is NutraSweet.

In Season 2, Episode 49, Medeva informs Carmen Sandiego of her love of reggae music and its use by the late Bob Marley to send political messages about the plight of Jamaica's poor. Her report leads the Time Pilots to the year 1981, the same year MTV premiered.