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1965 is a year in the 20th century. It is the sixth year in the decade of the 1960s.

Known Events[]

  • Amiri Baraka (né LeRoi Jones) inspires the Black Arts Movement.[1]
  • The Gateway Arch opens in St. Louis.[2]
  • Barbed wire swap meets are held in LaCrosse, Kansas.[3]
  • Cesar Chavez leads the grape pickers' strike.[4]
  • The game Operation is introduced.[5]

Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?[]

In Episode 32, the Time Pilots meet Elephant Guy, who has run through New York City in 1965, where LeRoi Jones, later to rename himself Amiri Baraka, inspires the Black Arts movement with his plays and his promotion of Black culture.

In Episode 60, the Time Pilots have made a pit stop in 1965. During a game of Global Pursuit, we learn that during the year 1965, the Emmerich Bridge over the Rhine River opened in Germany, the Gemini 4 space mission was being launched from Florida, the world’s largest single-unit radio telescope was built in Puerto Rico two years before, Jacques Cousteau and his team resurfaced from the Mediterranean Sea after 23 days underwater, and the CBS Building was completed on Sixth Avenue and 52nd Street in New York.

In Season 2, Episode 10, the Time Pilots meet a bunch of grapes, which explains her sorry situation to them. She has been left to wither on the vine by some Mexican-American grape pickers, who, inspired by Cesar Chavez, have gone on strike for better wages and working conditions. The grapes' clues eventually lead the Time Pilots to the year 1965, the same year as the Civil Rights March from Selma to Montgomery.