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The 1840s is the fifth decade of the 19th century. In the United States, this decade was dominated by westward expansion, especially via the Oregon Trail. However, in the last years of the decade, the Gold Rush caused a surge of population in California, and in Europe at the same time, political revolutions and revolts dominated the public atmosphere.

Years and Events[]

  • 1840
    • The world's first adhesive postage stamp is introduced.[1]
  • 1841
  • 1842
    • The first photograph printed in a newspaper appears.[2]
    • Crawford Long uses ether as an anesthetic.[3]
    • Abigail Jemima Hutchinson and her family quartet sings at abolitionist rallies.[4]
  • 1843
  • 1844
  • 1845
    • Rubber bands are patented in Great Britain.[5]
  • 1846
    • The first baseball game is played under Alexander Cartwright's rules.[6]
    • Norbert Rillieux invents his sugar-refining process.[7]
    • John Quincy Adams helps found the Smithsonian Institution.[8]
  • 1847
    • Alexander Graham Bell is born.[9]
    • The American Medical Association is founded.[10]
  • 1848
    • The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo is signed.[11]
    • Frederick Douglass publishes the North Star newspaper.[12]
    • Women assemble for the Seneca Falls Convention.[13]
  • 1849
    • The California Gold Rush spawns the first cafeterias.[14]
    • Giuseppe Garibaldi fights for Italian unification.[15]
    • The first Chinese immigrants arrive in California.[16]
    • Harriet Tubman escapes slavery via the Underground Railroad.[17]

Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?[]

In Episode 2 and Episode 62, the Time Pilots end up in the 1840s when their fact fuel drains while they are trying to reach 1839. The same thing happens in Episode 41 when they are trying to reach 1838.

In Episode 27, the Unknown Explorer announces his intentions to fight for Italian unification like Giuseppe Garibaldi. His clues lead the Time Pilots to the late 1840s, specifically 1848, when revolutions sprung up all over Europe.

In Season 2, Episode 10, the Time Pilots hear the Engine Crew sing a song about the Mexican-American War and the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. These clues lead them to the 1840s, specifically 1848.