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The 1830s is the fourth decade of the 19th century.

Years and Events[]

  • 1830
    • Bartholomé Thimonnier patents his sewing machine.[1]
  • 1831
    • The John Bull locomotive arrives in the U.S.[2]
  • 1832
  • 1833
    • Lady Ada Byron starts working for Charles Babbage.[3]
  • 1834
    • Charles Babbage conceives of his analytical engine.[4]
    • Europe's first canned sardines[5]
  • 1835
  • 1836
    • The first McGuffey Reader is published.[6]
    • Martin Van Buren is elected President after four years as Vice President.[7]
    • Mexican Troops capture the Alamo from Texan defenders.[8]
  • 1837
  • 1838
    • Samuel Morse perfects the telegraph.[9]
    • Frederick Douglass escapes from slavery.[10]
    • The Cherokee are forced to march on the Trail of Tears.[11]
  • 1839
    • Edgar Allen Poe writes Fall of the House of Usher.[12]
    • Kirkpatrick MacMillan invents the bicycle.[13]
  • Undated
    • The Jacksonians becomes known as the Democratic Party.[14]

Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?[]

In Episode 39, the Time Pilots meet the young Lady Ada Byron, the future Countess of Lovelace, who is currently working for the man who has just conceived of the Analytical Engine. Upon realizing that this Analytical Engine is the first computer, Kevin is delighted and hands a confused Ada some modern-day (i.e. 1990s) computer equipment. Lady Ada's clues lead the Time Pilots to the 1830s, specifically 1833.