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The 1490s is the final decade in the 15th century. It was during this decade when the Age of Exploration really began.

Years and Known Events[]

  • 1490
  • 1491
  • 1492
    • Christopher Columbus arrives in the New World.[1] There, he encounters the Taino people.[2]
  • 1493
    • Christopher Columbus returns to Spain from the Bahamas.[3] He brings some ears of corn with him.[4]
    • Huayna Capac becomes emperor of the Incas.[5]
  • 1494
  • 1495
  • 1496
  • 1497
    • Vasco Da Gama sails around the Cape of Good Hope.[6]
    • The first book on surgically treating gunshot wounds is published.[7]
  • 1498
  • 1499
    • Vasco Da Gama brings spices back to Portugal.[8]
  • Undated
    • Leonardo da Vinci begins writing notebooks.[9]

Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?[]

In Season 2, Episode 40, the Time Pilots meet Inca Emperor Huayna Capac. During his time, cloth was very important in Inca society, to the point where the Emperor was given cloth as tribute at every city he visited, and he himself wore the native costume of each corresponding city. Since Huayna Capac lived during a time before the Spanish invaded Peru, the Time Pilots figure out that their next stop is the 1490's, specifically 1493, when Huayna Capac's reign began.

In Season 2, Episode 48, Medeva is sent by Carmen Sandiego to Italy in the 1490s to steal Leonardo Da Vinci's notebooks, sending the Time Pilots on a chase through the history of journals.